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Ultrasound is a wonderful non-invasive way to give us information about internal body structures and systems. Ultrasounds use safe sound waves to give us a picture of internal organs, without having to expose the patient to radiation. Ultrasound allows us to visualize many things that can’t be seen with traditional radiographs because fluid and tissue look very different and can allow us to visualize abdominal organs, reproductive systems and the heart. Another benefit is that ultrasounds are painless and can be done on awake non-sedated patients most of the time. Not all veterinary practices utilize ultrasound machines, due to the expense and skill required to operate them. We are happy to offer this services as needed to all patients. If needed, we can easily send the images electronically to a board-certified radiologist for an expert opinion.
Radiographs are still superior for visualizing bone tissue and often we will use both radiographs and ultrasound to get the most information about what is happening with your pet.